REMI is a text and source code editor that supports several languages.

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There will be only one running window. Files will open in the same program window.
Each tab will show file name and extension. If the file is not saved nor opened, the title will read "[new]". If you try to close unsaved file, you will get a warning about closing where you can eather save the file or discard changes.

The right corner has two buttons.

The first button is for quick tab switch. The second is for closing the current tab.
On the status bar, at the bottom, there will be displayed file type, zoom level, lenght and number of lines, indent lenght and current mouse caret position.
The title explains it. If you try to open several files at once with REMI, every file will open in it's own tab.
You can forse REMI to start in fullscreen by enabling it in "Edit -> Start in fullscreen".
To change the space intentation (tab size) first navigate the arrow button in the bottom of REMI window and select the desired intantation lenght.

The number will automatically save, so next time REMI will open with same space indentation length.
Each language listed bellow has a full syntax highlight support. That includes reserved words, comments, numerals, string literals, etc.
By putting the cursor caret right after a bracket (parentheses or curly braces), it will find it's other half. <3
Each curly braces, function, html tag, any type of loop, conditional statement, etc. can be folded by clicking the minus sign next to the line number.

The green rectangle will indicate the code block (in between two brackets, tags, etc.).
Change zoom level by holding CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel (or by pressing + or -). To reset the zoom level to 100, press CTRL and 0 (zero).

You can save the zoom level by clicking the button Zoom at the bottom of the window.

You can extend the cursor caret by holding ALT+SHIFT and pressing UP ARROW to extend to the top, or DOWN ARROW to extend to the bottom.
To move whole line, hold ALT and press UP ARROW to move up, or DOWN ARROW to move down.
To select multiple rows at once, hold ALT and drag the left mouse button over the text you wish to select.

In the right corner is the information about cursor position.

The numbers show (in order): line number, column number, number of selected charaters and number of selected lines.

To add a bookmark on a line, press CTRL+B.
To remove a bookmark, press CTRL+SHIFT+B.

To find a word (or regex) press CTRL+F to open the menu.
To go to a specific line, press CTRL+G to open the menu.
To find and replace a word or text (or by regex), press CTRL+H to open the menu.
To auto indent selected lines, press CTRL+SHITF+I

Please note that this feature is in development and it is NOT supported for all languages.
To clone a line, hold CTRL+SHIFT and press UP ARROW
The current line will be highlighted by default.

This feature can be turned off by disabling it in "Format -> Highlight current line".
Line numbers are enabled by default.

This feature can be turned off by disabling it in "Format -> Show line numbers".
Document map is enabled by default. The gray rectangle will show current view.

This feature can be turned off by disabling it in "Format -> Show document map".

To resize document map, drag the side panel to the desired size.

  • Language support
  • C / C++ / C#
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Lua
  • PHP
  • Ruby New
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic
  • XML
  • More to come!


REMI is easy to update!

Download updater software from the editor.
Click 'Check for updates'. If a new version of REMI Editor is available, you can update it!

The REMI Updater downloads 4 files

# File Info Size
1 REMI.exe The main program ~900KB
2 FastColoredTextBox.dll The library for syntax hightlighting ~330KB
3 TabStrip.dll The library for the tabs ~45KB
4 ChangeLog.txt Text document with change log ~1KB

The software will automatically close when finished updating.
REMI Editor will launch after the update.


REMI is available for Windows only.

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